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This server is where it all began. Sporting an infinite world that never resets, you can be sure that once you've found your place in the world, it'll always be there.* This server features a warp hub, an ore world, a shop hub, PvP arena, and more!

Plugins: AConomy, BetterSleeping, CoreProtect, DiscordSRV, DynMap, Essentials, GriefPrevention, Jobs, LuckPerms, mcMMO, QuickShop, Vault, WorldEdit, WorldGuard



Spawn is the 400x400 [[-200,-200] to [200,200]] region, centered at 0,0. As long as you are within these borders, you have no need to worry about PvP (unless, of course, you're in the PvP arena) or mob damage. You will be alerted when you've left spawn by a notification letting you know you've entered the wilderness.

But there's more to spawn than just providing a safe zone!


If you head across the plaza from town hall, you'll find yourself in the market district! To read more about shops, check out the economy section.

Community Forge

You can find a community forge with furnaces, anvils, etc. to the direction of the plaza. Available for anyone to use, be careful not to leave any items in the furnaces, as they might not be there when you return!

PvP Arena

And finally to the direction, we have the PvP arena! Come and put your strength and skill to the test in the PvP arena! Don't feel you'll make it out alive? No worries, you can bet on the outcomes of fights.



An economy system is in place to help facilitate exchanges between players and the game world. The in game currency may be used to purchase items from players, place bets in the PvP arena, and play the lottery. You can check to see how much money you have by entering /balance or /money in the chat.


Players can also create their own chest shops in the market district at spawn, allowing them to sell their own (or buy others) items. Simply put a chest down, hit it with the item you want to sell, type in a price (as prompted by chat) for the item, and throw in the items you want to sell.


Land Claims

On this server, we use a plugin called GriefPrevention. GriefPrevention is used for land claims, chest protection, and much more. All players will start off with 2,000 claim blocks, gaining an additional 150 blocks every hour. This may seem like a high number starting off, but GriefPrevention operates in a 3D space, rather than 2D. Due to this, it's quite easy to use up your claim blocks quickly.

Making Your First Claim

Making your first claim is as simple as placing a chest. If you haven't made any claimes using the golden shovel, then we highly suggest making one. When placing a chest, it'll claim a 9x9 area around the chest. Keep in mind these claims are 3D, not 2D, so the area above and below your claim is not protected, but worry not, as you build up and down in your claim, it'll automatically expand in that direction.

Expanding Your Claim

After you've made your first claim, you can expand it by right clicking in your claim with a golden shovel. You'll notice that your claim has a border of golden blocks, with glowstone on the corners; simply right click a corner to readjust your claim.

Trusting Others

If you want to let other players build in your claim, it's as easy as typing /trust {player} in chat. One thing to note with this is when done, said player will not gain access to your chests, furnaces, etc. If you would like others to be able to access your chests, bed, buttons, etc., you can type /containertrust {player}.

Buying More Claim Blocks

currently disabled

So, you've been playing on the server awhile, building up your mini-empire/megabase/waterpark, and you've run out of claim blocks. Maybe you haven't run out but just can't wait to gain more? Lucky for you, buying claim blocks can be accomplished by entering /buyclaimblocks in chat.