(updated 11/2019)
Rule 1: Respect Others

Mutual respect among players is what keeps this community civil. Keep in mind, you don't know who's on the otherside of the screen. We will not tolerate any racist, sexist, homophobic, or any other sort of behavior.

  1. Do not insult other players (no name calling, swearing at each other, etc.)
  2. Do not use hate speech or try to be offensive.
  3. If someone asks you to stop something, stop immediately.
  4. Offensive usernames of any kind also fall under this rule. You will be asked to change your username or a nickname will be assigned.
Rule 2: No Griefing or Stealing

Even though we encourage everyone to make their land claims, it's possible you will come across unclaimed areas in the world. Under no circumstances, is it allowed to destroy another players building, claimed or unclaimed. Although, to encourage players to claim their lands, we do allow stealing items in the wilderness. Please note, this obviously does not include dismantling builds for the resources.

  1. Do not grief unclaimed builds.
  2. Do not steal or grief players in revenge. BUT stealing from a player in revenge is allowed if their land is unclaimed.
  3. Pranks are allowed, but only if said pranks are done in good spirit. Pranks in bad spirit could include the following; building phalluses, swastikas, any prank involving TNT and the destruction of a players build, etc.
  4. If you have a build planned and there is an unclaimed structure in the way, consult with a staff member. Special cases can be made if said structure has had no activity for a long period of time.
Rule 3: Don't Abuse Chat

On MintCraft servers, chat is rated 18+. This means you are free to speak about most subjects. There are a few rules concerning the chat, though, so it's not lawless. Breaking any chat rules will first result in a temporary mute, after that, a ban may be considered. All chat rules apply to every platform (e.g. in-game, Discord, forum).

  1. English is the only language allowed on MintCraft platforms.
  2. Avoid typing in ALL CAPS, all bold, etc. Just talk like a normal human being would.
  3. Do not spam the chat. Spam includes, repeated short messages, advertising, relogging repeatedly, etc. You get spam email, you know what it is.
  4. Do not use chat to attack others (see rule 1).
  5. Do not cause unneeded drama with other players.
  6. No politics in game chat. There are designated areas for such conversation on Discord and the forum.
Rule 4: No Anti-AFK Systems

Anti-AFK systems of any kind are not allowed. Away from keyboard (AFK) is a term to show you are away from the game. On MintCraft servers, you are automatically set as AFK after 5 minutes of inactivity. Anti-AFK systems would be anything in the game that's meant to stop you from going AFK, including, but not limited to, rail loops or running water contraptions.

  1. Do not create any mechanism that would keep you from automatically going AFK. This includes, rail loops, running water contraptions, fish farms, etc. Anything you build that could bring you out of AFK before you return fits into this category.
  2. Any attempts at anti-AFK will result in a ban; length dependent on the handling staff member.
Rule 5: No Cheating/Exploits

MintCraft only allows mods that enhance the aesthetics, performance, or efficiency of the game. This includes mods like OptiFine, shader mods, HUD mods, etc. Cheating can include any behavior/mods that puts other players at a disadvantage. Server exploits are glitches in the game that can harm server performance or give you an advantage over other players, through the use of item duplicators, overuse of redstone clocks, large entity farms, etc. If there is any mod's eligibility you are unsure of, please ask a staff member.

  1. Any client mods that give you an unfair advantage over other players are not allowed and will result in a ban.
  2. Only mods that give an aesthetic improvement to the game can be used. Mode like OptiFine, mapping mods, etc. fall into this category. If you are unsure of a certain mods eligibility, consult one of the staff members.
  3. We do NOT allow x-ray mods, flight mods, PvP mods or any other mods that would fit into this category.
  4. Server exploits (e.g. item duplicators, large entity farms) are not allowed.
Rule 6: Respect Staff Members

As with Rule 1, you must respect everyone, including staff. Staff are players with the [admin], [mod], or [helper] tags before their name. Disrespect towards a staff member will not be taken lightly.

  1. Do not abuse or disrespect staff in chat
  2. If a staff member asks you to stop doing something, stop immediately.
  3. Staff are NOT here to help you mine, remove your builds, or give you things.
  4. Do not ask for staff ranks. If staff are interested in bringing you on, you will be approached about it privately.
Rule 7: Beware of Sharing Accounts

When playing on MintCraft, you are responsible for everything that happens on your account. Giving other people access to your account means you are liable for anything that happens.

  1. If you share your account with another player (such as a friend or sibling) who doesn't abide by our rules, your account may be banned.
  2. If your account is hacked, let staff know immediately. Otherwise, any actions by said hacker will be considered yours.
  3. Staff will not transfer data from one account to another if a player has lost access to their original account.
Rule 8: Respect Your Ban

Players who are banned from the server are not allowed to attempt to get on the server until their ban is lifted, either by appeal or expiration. Any attempts to get around your ban, other than appeals, can hurt your chances of having a ban appealed.

  1. Do not use an alternate account to get around a ban. Staff can see if an account is logging in from the same IP address as a banned player and will ban the alt account.
  2. Causing unnecessary drama after a ban will, in most cases, result in a permanent ban.
  3. Bans can be appealed by making an post in the Ban Appeals forum.
  4. Bans can only be appealed once. Any bans after the first are final.